Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iOnRoad Augmented Driving for Android free download

Use camera to warn you of collisions while driving!

iOnRoad is the BEST car safety app that uses your cam and real time image recognition algorithms to auto recognizes the vehicle in front of you , measures time gap and warns you in case you're in danger of crashing into it. Similar systems in Luxury cars will cost you more than $1,000 while iOnRoad is FREE!


Sansung Galaxy S II
HTC ThunderBolt 4G
Google Nexus S
HTC Incredible S
In case your new device works great, email us and we’ll add it.


- iOnRoad is still a beat app, we are constantly working to improve it, join our community to help us.
- Continued use of GPS will significantly reduce battery life, we recommend using an in-car charger with a windshield mount.
- Not interested in the dashboard? turn off any data collection in the setting.
Download iOnRoad

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